What We Do

Strengthening Schools & Connecting Stakeholders Through:

Coaching, Consulting & Professional Development

We work with public schools to strengthen instruction and leadership through consulting, on-campus coaching, leadership academies, professional development workshops, and more.

Convening People Around Ideas

We convene educators and thought leaders to learn from peers and experts through our publications and events, including our free, public speaker series.


We know what works in classrooms. Why aren’t we doing it?

Houston A+ Challenge has a long history of supporting teachers and leaders to strengthen their skills and get results. Our unique perspective – with one eye on schools and the other eye on the school reform horizon – brings a steady stream of research-based innovative practices to schools, serving not only as a catalyst for change but also as an implementation partner.


To make schools better for every student, education stakeholders, from students to policymakers, must work and learn together.

In everything that we do, A+ connects education stakeholders - teachers, administrators, community leaders, families and students - with peers, mentors, ideas and resources. It is through these connections that strengthening and innovating take place.


We believe that a well-informed public is the foundation on which great public schools are built. Together with our partners, we bring the best ideas in education to a series of free, public lectures and events.

Houston A+ Challenge works to put actionable information in the hands of policymakers by developing policy recommendations synthesized from the best available research as well as our experience in classrooms.

A History of Results

Houston A+ Challenge is among the most respected school consultants in greater Houston. More than 20 years of experience working with Houston educators, incubating innovative ideas, and learning from experts informs our work.  A+ engages teachers and leaders as partners, coaching shoulder-to-shoulder to get results.  


An independent analysis by researchers at the University of Houston confirms that, through A+ coaching, teachers and leaders “increase their knowledge, change skill sets, and gain understandings about students and their needs” – and that “educators are changing as a result of coaching.”

What People Say

Eric Themas

Assistant Principal

Eckert ES/Aldine ISD

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help with the spreadsheet. I owe you big time. I've utilized it on our two practice tests and it's showed me exactly who to focus on for intervention. Our students are growing!"

Sean Plaskett

KIPP Polaris Academy

“Students deserve a teacher who knows how to teach everything, not just the stuff he’s good at.”

Shelby Powers

KIPP Spirit College Prep

“It’s not ‘This is what you need to do.’ It’s ‘What can we work on together?'"