Virtual Coaching


What is Virtual Coaching?

Houston A+ Challenge's coaching model focuses on the growth of educators for sustainable results. Our professional coaches are prepared to help teachers, administrators, and district leaders meet campus goals and track progress, all while supporting you virtually. Learn more below.

  • Remote Conversations



    Goal-setting, planning, observation, and debrief sessions occur using video conferences.

  • Instructional Support​a


    Coaches observe virtual lessons or attend virtual meetings, then provide minute-by-minute feedback aligned with goals set together.

  • Preparation and Planning



    The coaching partnership is rooted in planning, setting expectations, and mutual accountability. 

  • Evidence of Progress

    Coaches and educators look at evidence of learning together to see if goals are met, with a shared commitment to growth of teachers and students.


Who receives Virtual Coaching?

Houston A+ Challenge coaches provide highly individualized feedback, guidance, and support to professionals who fulfill a variety of roles in public education, including teachers, content specialists, administrators, and district leaders. 

Coaching Focus: Learning Sessions

  • A+ coach virtually joins grade level team(s) regularly

  • Explore the state standards and how they tie to the curriculum used by your district

  • Study to understand best practices in reading, writing, and mathematics

  • Develop engaging lessons that allow students to transfer strategies taught into their own work


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