Year in Review & Looking Forward to 2021

At Houston A+ Challenge, our mission to ensure every student is prepared for post-secondary success has not changed. We've been working to make a lasting change in the middle of all that 2020 threw our way.

Change like the following:

As we look toward the new year ahead, we feel gratitude for the generous support of individuals and community partners that allows us to continue bringing high-quality, relationship-based coaching and consulting to Houston's public schools.

In addition to the coaching and professional learning services we offer, we continue to bring the community together for discussions and to hear from expert voices about issues that matter in education right now.

Past and future topics including:

  • how to stay motivated in the classroom during times of crisis

  • teacher quality and preparation

  • how parents can help meet their child's learning needs

  • personalized education journeys and tips for teachers to best support all learners

  • the reality of teaching in a pandemic, from the voices of current classroom teachers

  • ways the public and nonprofit sectors can support teachers and what they really need more of moving forward

You can watch recordings of past Chew & Chat Segments here.

Regardless of what's happening in the world or in the political arena, the need that drives our mission to strengthen and connect in public schools is great. We know our educators today are shaping the lives of our future leaders, and there are few responsibilities as great as this.

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