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Effectively Leading Teams Learning Modules

Are you effectively establishing teams, and are members staying accountable to the norms and commitments so that student learning does not get compromised? This module is designed for campus leaders who are seeking a refresher course on effectively establishing and leading a team. We understand that in order to impact student learning, the leader must invest time in supporting and communicating effectively so the work for the students is always the focus. Through this module, participants will read excerpts, watch videos, and collaborate with other school leaders on establishing and maintaining a healthy team and ways to communicate with a team member when their actions compromises the agreement. We wear many hats as school leaders, so engage with us to assure we are effectively leading our teams and impacting student learning. 

Similing Team

Building a Respectful Team by Establishing Norms and Commitments

Conversation between Colleagues

Planning Ahead to Support Your Front Liners

women discussion group

Shift From Storytelling to Properly Identifying the Problem

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