Delving Into Data Decisions

Session Two

The Role of Standards in Assessments  


Read and answer the questions in the adjacent Padlet.



Watch the video below. Think about the different lenses needed to view each state standard. 


Read through the  TEKS Breakdown Sample. Work through the TEKS at your own grade level to identify Foundational/Recursive TEKS, Skill Specific TEKS, and Catch-All TEKS. 


Read through the TEKS Lenses handout. Using an assessment selected from the first session or the sample assessment below, review the alignment between the question being asked and the TEKS. 

Share your thoughts about what a proficient student response would look like and what work would need to be done in the classroom to support that type of response in the Padlet. 


Think about all that you have learned so far in this session. 

When are you ready, click on the document below to download the implementation plan template. 


Fill out the implementation plan and turn in your work via the red submit button.


You will be contacted by an A+ coach after you submit your assignment.