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Smarter & Stronger

education to Strengthen & Connect


Our Mission

To be a catalyst for change and a model for innovation in education in the Houston area and beyond.


To ensure that every student is prepared for post-secondary success.


We Strengthen

The public schools that serve 9 out of 10 students in our region by building the skills and networks of educators and school leaders.

Remote conversations and personalized professional development.


Goal-focused, outcomes-driven. 

​Professional learning workshops that help teachers, coaches & specialists drive gains through research-supported best practices.

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Monthly working groups that create space for networking & problem-solving with peers from around Greater Houston.

On-site coaching, workshops, & more.


Customized support for real academic growth.

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We Connect

Teachers, administrators, families, community & business leaders, policy makers, and top education thinkers – reducing isolation and fortifying the network of stakeholders who can make schools great.

Speaker Series

We believe that a willingness to engage respectfully with those holding divergent viewpoints is absolutely vital to our progress in education and that we can find common ground.


We bring stakeholders together to share, learn, and connect around ideas that are important to the public and serve to build on the attributes associated with a strong education foundation. 

Our Impact


Public Schools 

partnered with A+ to build capacity



have strengthened skills & knowledge through A+ programs



are served by stronger teachers & school leaders